HIK120E + Z25DV75 TWIN

HIK120E + Z25DV75  TWIN

professional bracket for mounting two HIKVISION, TVT, Dahua (or other brands) cameras on a pipe or mast in a vertical or horizontal position



the holder has integrated mounting holes for sockets DS-1260ZJ, DS1280ZJ-DM18, DS-1280ZJ-PT3J (Hikvision)


HIK120E + Z25DV75 TWIN can also be used for other mounting bases (cameras), the preparation of the necessary mounting holes (Ø3.5mm) is not difficult as the HIK120E TWIN plate is made of aluminum alloy (AlMg3)


The oval holes allow the use of other mounts in addition to the Z25DV75, e.g. Z85DV85, for jackel mounting it is possible to use UH85


supplied accessories: 8 pcs of self-tapping screws DIN7516 M4x12



technical parameters (PDF file)


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