Our company was founded in 1990. Generally we are operating  in antenna and satellit technic.


Since 1999, portfolio of our products has been mostly oriented  on WiFi antennas and metal products.


In the area of development and measurements of WiFi antennas we closely cooperate with The Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Banská Bystrica.



Plastic products ( etc. Luca or SCAME boxes) belong among  our supplementary products.


Besides developing and producing parabolic directional grid WLAN antennas we produce various pigtails and cables, according to customer  demands ( parameters are mesuared by Agilent Technologies vector analyzer ) . We mostly use original Belden coaxial cables.


Except  CSAT directional antennas, the most famous products are our metal products that we produce and also deliver to the surrounding states of the European Union (mainly Czech republic).